Sunday, 22 May 2016

May 17th 8:12 pm!!


Let me just remind you, labor sucks. I was at the hospital on maternity at 7am. Was in my little green gown, and strapped to the monitor by 730am, and was given the Gel at 7:35am. I was also 1 1/2 cm dilated going into it. Almost immediately I started having minor contractions. Before I left the house at 5:45 I had 2 scrambled eggs and a piece of toast, and a small bowl of cereal, because when you are going to be in the hospital, in labor and you can't eat anything, you eat what you can before! 

At about 830am I ended up getting a second breakfast! YAY! And then my stepsister snuck me in 2 cookies at 1030 ;) 
At 1:30pm the doc came back to check on my progress, and I was 3cm dilated, Go me! But instead of giving me more gel, or breaking my water, he decided to hold off till 4pm to break my water, if it's not already broken, because he had a "busy" afternoon....I was not impressed!! God forbid if me having a baby would interrupt his day 😑

At 4:30pm, my doctor came back, seen I was 4 1/2 cm dilated, and broke my water. I will have to say, when they break your water, it is the most uncomfortable thing to experience! It's just such a weird feeling! After that, things started moving along fairly quickly, and my contractions became more severe.
When I was finally ready for the epidural, I found out the anaesthesiologist was tide up for about an hour, and I would have to wait. That was the most painful hour, ever! They hooked me up with a shot for the pain and gas. In truth it didn't help very much. Thank god for my husband, who helped me keep focused and keep my breathing in check, because I was slowly loosing my mind from the pain.
For all you woman who give birth without any drugs or epidural, I bow to you all! I don't know how anyone can get through that much pain, and I was only at 6cm.

Anyway! Finally got my epidural, thank god, and finally went numb. I moved along fairy quick after that and it was soon time to push. I think it lasted about half an hour, and our Little man was finally introduced into the world!

Born at 8:12pm, 6 pounds 14 oz,
Grayson Brandon Savoie 💜

He is just precious. I know every parent says that about their kid, but he really is.

Afterwards, both my parents and step parents came in to meet him. We had kept the name a complete secret from my parents, and everyone else, just so they wouldn't find out. We gave him his middle name Brandon, after my brother who passes away when he was only 2. I never met him, because it was a couple of years before I was born, but I knew it would mean the world to my parents, and I was so right. My mother, obviously bawled, when we told them, which of course made me cry even more, because I just had a baby, and was super emotional!
My father isn't one to show to much emotion, so seeing him emotional, trying to hold back the tears in his eyes, made it so worth waiting.

Sierra, our daughter was soooo excited to meet her baby brother. My mother told me she was super concerned about me being in the hospital, but was so excited to see her brother that she wasn't sure who to go to first. It was so sweet, she just wanted to hold him right away and give him kisses.

Overall, it was a long, hard labor, even for my second. We were fairly exhausted, as was little man, who refused to eat very much because he kept falling asleep, bless his heart. We were also starving, and unfortunately, I have weird reactions to most drugs. So the epidural was taking much longer to wear off. We ended up calling my father, who was in bed, and asked if he would make a late night run to McDonalds. When its 11pm at night, in a small town, there really isn't to many spots open for food, and we were so hungry we could have ate a cow.

In the end, we ended the night with hubby, having to pick me up off the hospital bed, and putting me in the wheel chair, and wheeling me to our room, with the help of two nurses, as my spine, hips and my left leg was still completely frozen.

Mr. man barely woke up that night long enough to drink much of his bottle, as all he wanted to do was sleep, but let mommy and daddy catch up on some shut eye.

I will be making weekly updates, about how I am doing, how Grayson is making out, and our whole family :)

Sunday, 15 May 2016

May 15th/ Stocking up the house!!

Stocking Up the House!!!

It has been one crazy week! Unfortunately I haven't been able to make a new post, as we have had some family issues come up in the last week, and I was not in any state of mind to do anything, let alone write a post. I was way overly stressed out, which any momma knows, is never good when you're 9 months pregnant!
Now thankfully, we have survived the last week, with only a couple of break downs on my part. Yesterday, hubby and I went out to get groceries and last minute baby stuff to stock up the house!
Having a 4 year old in the house is tough enough as it is, but adding a newborn to the mix, well lets say we are going to be exhausted. Last thing I want to have to worry about is running to the grocery store, to get food, or diapers, etc.
So I went through our pantry, our fridge and freezer to see what we have, and what we need to survive the first 2 weeks of our little man being home.
I wrote down everything we needed, what to stock up on, and made a meal plan of sorts, that we could go to through the next two weeks and figure out what to make, as I don't believe we will be able to think to much on what we should make for dinner, with hardly any sleep.

After looking through the flyers, making my list, checking the damn thing twice, we set off at noon to get our shopping done.
We literally shopped till we dropped!
From 12pm we started, and never got home till 4pm. We hit up 6 different stores, because each one had stuff on sale that we either wanted or needed, and with most the stores being close to one another we didn't spend a whole lot on gas! Win Win!
Here's my list of groceries, household items, and everything else we bought!


Purex Baby Soft=10.79
Shout Stain Remover B1G1 free=4.79 for 2
Kraft BBQ Sauce B1G1 free=2.49 for 2
Baby Carrots 340G B1G1 free=1.99 for 2
Wieners Value Pack 900g B1G1 free (love BBQ hotdogs!)=7.99 for 2
Twin Rolls=3.69

Total: 33.77$

Saved 18.26$


1 bag of Hamburger Buns=2/5$
1 bag of Sausage Buns=2/5$
2 bags of Hotdog buns 2/5$
Can of Ragu Sauce =1.99
Charmin Bathroom tissue Package 16= 4.99
Can of corn=1.29
Creamed corn=1.59
Kleenex package of 6=6.99
box of fruit loops=4.99
yogurt tubes=2.99
Becel margarine=3.99
Stouffers mini lasagna=2.49
Frozen Fries=2.49
frozen pizza=4.49
large pack ground beef=9.37

Total: 59.22$

Giant Tiger

Coca Cola 6x710ml 3 packs= 1.99 each
Kraft Singles= 2.29
Russet Potato's 3 bags= .99 each
4 cans of soup= .50 each
Duracel 4pk x5= 1.99 each



Woman's Depends=13.77
Bounce Dryer Sheets=5.47
Cascade Action Packs=5.97
Baby Tylenol=6.96
Queen size Fitted Sheet=17.97
Swiffer Wet Jet Cleaner=6.97
Men's Deodorant= 2.98
Foundation= 7.96
rubbing alcohol=2.27
frozen Lasagna=11.47
Kraft Mozzarella block=4.47
Chicken Breast 2 packs=10.00 each
Veggie pack=8.00
cucumber x2=.77 each
2L Skim Milk x2=3.38 each
Apple Sauce packs=1.97
lucky Charms=3.94
Graves Apple Juice x3=.98 each
Can Mini Ravioli x2=1.23 each
Peanut Butter=3.97
salad dressing Ranch=2.47
Large Watermelon=4.97


Shoppers Drug mart

Eggs x2=2.49 each
3 Cases of Good Start Ready to Feed formula( We lucked out and found them on Clearance for 16.08, and I had a 7$ coupon off 1 case!! Great Deals to stock up on, we cleared the shelf!!)
2 packs of Good Start Mix with Water(also on Clearance for 8.06!)

Total: 72.00$( around that, seem to have lost the receipt -_- )

Yes, we did end up spending a shit ton of money, but we were able to stock up on all the last minute things we needed, and get enough groceries to last us at least 2 weeks!

Believe me, having a fully stocked house, right before your about to have a baby, is one of the best feelings ever!! :)

Picture of our shopping trip!

Meal Plans

Sloppy Joe's
Shepherds pie
BBQ hot dogs
BBQ chicken
Ham, potato's, corn
Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich's

Only 2 days left before our little man is here!!!

What were some of the things you Stocked up on before baby arrived?




Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Praying for Fort Mac!

Pray For Fort McMurray
I'm writing this, because it is something that is affecting so many people as we speak. I have friends and family that are affected by this disaster. Friends who had to flee their homes, to try to get out of Fort McMurray before the fire spread to they're homes.
My uncle works out of Fort Mac, and was luckily home in Winnipeg when this took place. Many of the people I know have family and friends that live and work there, that had to evacuate their homes yesterday as the fire spread into the city.
60,000+ people were made to evacuate Fort Mac, an unknown number of homes, vehicles and businesses were destroyed.
Many of these people have lost everything, only escaping with their loved ones, vehicles and the cloths on their backs.
Many firefighters from across Canada are being called in to help Fort Mac. EMTs, and many other personnel from around the country are flying out to assist, by bringing food, clothing, medical supplies, anything that is needed.
Watching the videos, and looking at the pictures out of Fort Mac, are quiet emotional. Viewer discretion is advised.
Here's a video, shared on of Fort Mac.
& pictures that have been Shared on Facebook, of the devastation in Fort Mac. (I hold no rights to these pictures or videos)
Credit: @andyhurleys on Twitter
Photo Posted on Dinner TV-Facebook

Photo's posted by Meanwhile in Alberta-Facebook
Please Pray for all the people affected, Pray for Fort McMurray, and for all the Firefighters, police, EMTS, and anyone else that is helping with this disaster.
Stay Safe Everyone!
Pray For Fort McMurray
#ymm #ymmfire
Update for anyone in/from Fort Mac:

Doc Appointment!!

Had one of my last doc appointments today! My mom came and pick us up early to bring us to the office as my hubby takes the car to work. Luckily we only waited about 4 minutes after we arrive. Helps that we went a little early and were the first ones there ☺️ 

Now let me tell you, I love my doctor. With it being such a small city, we actually don't have to many gynaecologist to choose from. Dr. Harebottle(yes that is his real name, you can't make that up) is one of the best docs you can get. Unfortunately there are rumours that he is planning on retiring, but I don't plan on having anymore babies, so I won't have to worry about him not being around later on!

Whenever I go in, he asks how I'm doing, if the baby is still kicking up a storm(little bugger doesn't stop) and today double checked to make sure everything is a go for May 17th. I am schedualed to be induced a little early as the good doctor is planning on going away for yet another vacation on the 19th of May. 

I had found out from other mommies that he was going on vacation, and was wondering what would happen, as he thinks I would be going into labor the end of May or sooner. My due date is June 3rd, but the baby is progressing nicely and he thinks il be going early as it is my second child.

So to make sure he would be there for when I had the baby, he asked if we wanted to be induced before he left. Really, it didn't bother me at all, as we were induced with our first child, and everything went smoothly.

After the usual chit chat he tested my urine, which was A-OK, just like all the other times, and then weighed me, took my blood pressure, which is my usual 110/80, and then measured my belly and checked the baby's heart beat.
Belly measuring at 35
Baby's heart rate 134

Since everything is on track, I decided to ask him how much weight I have put on since I started going to him. My very first appointment, I was 17 weeks along, and from 17 weeks-36 weeks I gained 14.5 pounds 😁, he said by the way things have gone, he said  I probably gained 20 pounds MAX overall! YAY ME!

With 2 weeks to go, I would say that's pretty damn good! Especially since I thought for sure he was going to tell me I had gained 25-30. Overal my pregnancy has been pretty good. All my tests came back great, my glucose test came back great, which was MY biggest worry as I am a tad heavier, and diabetes runs heavily in my family. With my first pregnancy with my daughter I gained about 28 pounds by the end, so I'm doing a lot better in that area then the first time around.

My next Doc appointment is May 12th, and I'm getting so excited! I'm so ready for this little man to be out already!!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

May 3rd, 2016

2 weeks until our little bundle of joy arrives! I am so ready to have this little guy.

 I am super uncomfortable, have a hard time sleeping, leg cramps, and he keeps getting his feet into my ribs 😑.

If you had asked me if I was ready 2 weeks ago, I would have been freaking out! I mean, it is scary to be a mom to a new born again, but also to a 4 year old busy girl. Ouff! 

As much as I am ready for this little guy to come into the world, we still have way to much to do! We just recently moved back to my hometown, and are only halfway done unpacking all of our crap.

Not only do we still have to unpack the last little bit of our stuff, but then we have to go through all my daughters old toys to get ready for a yard sale, unpack all the baby stuff and get that organized and get the nursery done. TO MUCH TO DO!

When I work up this morning, I had a bad craving for eggs and pancakes, so you can guess what I made! Unfortunately Sierra is a picky eater like her daddy, and doesn't like pancakes for some reason. She decided on egg, toast and a yogurt. 👍🏻

(doesn't this look yummy!)
Eggs have probably been one of my biggest cravings through my whole pregnancy. I usually don't go through breakfast without having some type of egg, not to mention spicy food.
What were your biggest cravings through your pregnancy?


Monday, 2 May 2016

First Sunburn of the year

As you can see, I am sunburnt(cries a little). We had a beautiful weekend here in Atlantic Canada, and beautiful weather for barbecuing! We are big BBQ people, and since it was sooo nice out ( +16) we decided to BBQ chicken thighs and potatoes. Unfortunately for us, right after getting the stuff on it, we ran out of propane. Of course.
We are a good 20 minutes away from any gas station or convenient store, so we loaded up the empty tank, and went for a lovely drive, to find a store that had propane tanks. 40 minutes later, we get back home, with our new propane tank, I may add. Im fairly certain I was only outside for about an hour and a half, just sitting on the patio, watching my daughter play, my father and stepmom came for a visit.
My hubby was the one to notice how red I was getting and told me to go get some sunscreen on, which I ignored, because really, I didn't think it was that bad since there was a nice breeze. By the time company left, and we went inside...I realized I was very mistaken.
Every year, I forget how easy it is for me to get a burn. Doesn't take long, and after an hour and a half of being in the sun, I look like a lobster -_-.
Note to self- Make sure to wear sunscreen, when the sun is out!!!

May 2, 2016

15 days until our little man arrives, and it is 5:16am. Why you ask am I awake at the ungodly hour? Well my husband has just left for work, and I of course, had to drag myself out of my nice warm bed to use the washroom for the 3rd time tonight. Causing the baby to wake up, and start kicking the crap out of my insides, and giving me acid reflux.
15 more days!!!
I'm fairly certain, the moment this little man in here, my keurig is going to be my new best friend for a very long time!
I can honestly say, I wasn't one to use it to often before, but since we moved back to my home town, and are now living way out in the sticks, it has become a life saver. At our old house we lived 2 minutes away from a Tim Hortons, so I usually got my French vanilla or ice cap from there everyday. You really don't realize how much you spend on coffee until you start to make it yourself at home. I'm probably saving a good 40$ a month by making it at home, which is great for us! I also don't mind the taste difference either, as I buy the k-cups that are French vanilla flavoured(yum!!)
 I kind of want steak